Card On Demand

Card on Demand
Röseler - Schmalbach Gbr
Sonnenberger Str. 64
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Hotel guests become able to order printed postcards from their own digital data:

At a terminal in the lobby, on wich our software and card reader is installed, the guest can choose some pictures from
his own memory card an send the data to local print service.

The printed postcards will be delivered to the hotel by the print service in the next morning.

Reqirements for the guest:

Digital data on memory card

Price for the guest:

depends on hotel
Hotels become able to offer a new service to their guests: Cards On Demand:

From your local COD-distributer you can get the COD-Service-Pack. He also prints the ordered postcards.
The Service Pack contains our special software and our USB-card reader.
The software allows the guest to enter exclusive his own data on card and select image files, produced on a digital camera.
If he wishes to order printed postcards from this pictures, the software automatically sends data and amount to your local distributor.
He will deliver the cards to your hotel in the next morning.
The complete workflow is transacted by our PrePaid - Card Solution with online-database validation.

Reqirements for the hotel:

Public personal computer with connection to internet and usb
COD-Service-Pack installed

Price for the hotel:

please contact your local COD-Distributor
If you are able to print high quality postcards via digital print, you can become COD-Distibutor:

As a COD-Distributor you can get COD-Service Packs from us and distribute to hotels, which you can reach by your delivery service
once a day. You get your printing orders via e-mail from the terminals in your hotels. You have to guarantee that the printed postcards
reach the hotel within 12 hours, but only once a day. The hotels are your customers an it is your resposibility to build the
single contracts with them.

Reqirements for the COD-Distributor:

digital print machine (like xeicon or else)
delivery service

Conditions and more information for COD-Distributors:

contact us here
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Card on Demand
Röseler - Schmalbach Gbr
Sonnenberger Str. 64
65193 Wiesbaden

t ++49 177 205 71 40
t ++49 177 315 313 6